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VIKTEC offers a one-stop solution for wheel bearing tools. Being a leading wheel bearing tool provider worldwide, we ensure quality, durability, and high-performance tools. We can customize your wheel bearing tool according to your specifications.

  • Fully customize based on your own idea
  • REACH, ISO, TUV, CE certified tools
  • Low MOQ starts from 50 pcs to support your business
  • Standard wheel bearing tool is always available

VIKTEC Wheel Bearing Tool

VIKTEC is 20 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing automotive specialty tools especially wheel bearing tools. With years of experience, VIKTEC became a business partner in the automotive and industrial repair business to different parts of the world.

VIKTEC Wheel Bearing Tool

VICTEK specialized in manufacturing, designing, exporting, and marketing numerous types of wheel bearing tools. For over 2 decades, VIKTEC engaged in automotive, motorcycle, bicycle specialty tools sourcing, and manufacturing. Our company is trusted by more than 500 companies around the world.

With VIKTEC, all of our wheel bearing tools are functional and reliable thanks to our advanced manufacturing equipment and qualified R&D team, experienced engineers, and skilled technicians. For your wheel-bearing tool needs, we are always catering to your needs. Send us your inquiry now!

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Rocket Your Business With VIKTEC Wheel Bearing Tool

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VIKTEC Wheel Bearing Tool

Get durable and high-quality wheel bearing tools only in VIKTEC. VIKTEC engaged in manufacturing and supplying automotive specialty tools including wheel bearing tools. Our wheel bearing tools can be supplied to different parts of the world.

We are supplying both standards and customize wheel bearing tools to our valued clients. Our standard wheel bearing tools include wheel bearing tools for VW wheel hub bearing unit VT01717E, VT01717D, VT01717C, VT01717B, VT01717A, VT01023, and VT01021.

VIKTEC manufactures wheel bearing tools perfect for removing and installing bearings of the front, rear, and even all-wheel-drive vehicles. Our own version of wheel bearing tools is precisely manufactured for easy use when working on bearing assemblies, internal bearings, and seize wheel hubs.

Whether you need wheel-bearing tools for DIY or professional mechanics, VIKTEC can always satisfy your needs. You rest assured that all of our offered wheel bearing tools are easy to install for almost all vehicles.

If you’re about to use a wheel bearing tool for foreign or modern vehicles, VIKTEC can provide all your needs. Our wheel bearing tools is designed with all adapter features required to service different vehicles like BMW, Porsche, and VW, among others.

In addition to its universal applications, VIKTEC wheel bearing tool is manufactured with a heavy-duty thrust bearing. This is designed to increase durability and minimizes the effort of the pressure screw. Our wheel bearing tool enables you to install the bearing without hassle.

The following are the highlighted features of VIKTEC wheel bearing tool:

  • Perfect for both professional mechanics and DIY
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Heavy-duty thrust bearing
  • Self-centering design
  • Hub and bearing installation and removal
  • Great works for the rear, front, and all-wheel-drive cars

With VIKTEC, we assure you that you can get a top-quality wheel-bearing tool. We utilize qualified raw materials for the production of wheel-bearing tools. Aside from qualified raw materials, VIKTEC owns high-tech and modern technologies to precisely manufacture top-quality wheel bearing tools.

Both standard and customize wheel bearing tool is always available in VIKTEC. We are providing thousands of wheel-bearing tools models for your options. If you can’t find the right one for you, we produce a wheel bearing tool according to your requirements. Please send us your specifications now, you’re guaranteed that your desired wheel bearing tool is manufactured according to your specific colors, logo, sizes, and packaging.

Plus, as a leading manufacturer in China, you can expect that we can deliver you wheel-bearing tool orders in a short time. VIKCTEC can reach you wherever your locations are. We can make your business grow!

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