VT01945 5pc Oxygen And Vacuum Sockets With Spark Plug Thread Chasers Set

[APPLICATION]: This O² sensor wrench is ideal for removing and installing oxygen sensors, including hard-to-remove sensor sockets and vacuum switches on automotive vehicles with computer-controlled engines.

  • Place of Origin: Ningbo China
  • Material: Carbon Steel / Other Material
  • Certification: CE / Reach / ISO
  • Package: BMC
  • Min. Order: 200pcs / Negotiable
  • Delivery Time: 15 to 45 days
  • Payment: T/T / Western Union
  • Shipping: By Vessel / Air / Express
  • HS Code: 8206000000

[VERSATILE]: The oxygen sensor wrench set comes with 3 different types of sockets to cover various situations of oxygen sensor removal.

[DESIGN]: The universal 6-point 7/” (22 mm) socket opening on the sensor wrench fits all hexagon oxygen sensors and common 3/8” and 1/2” drive ends can be used with a ratchet or breaker bar.

[FEATURES]: The special side cutout design allows for easy access to oxygen sensors from any compartment and prevents damage to wires under your car hood at the home or garage.

[INCLUDES]: 1-pc 3/8” DR. extra deep broach socket (3-1/8” long), 1-pc 3/8” DR. low-profile crowfoot socket wrench (1-1/4” long), 1-pc 1/2” DR. offset crowfoot socket wrench (1-15/16” long), 1-pc m18 x 1. 5 mm and 1-pc m12 x 1. 25 mm thread chaser kit with 3/8” drives to clean and repair damaged threads for auto repair.

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VIKTEC popular automotive specialty tools packaging

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