VT01748 Porsche 911 Boxster Camshaft Alignment Kit

Comprehensive 8-piece tool kit to establish proper engine timing when performing major engine, valve-train service on the following Porsche models: Porsche 911 (engine codes 996/997) 1998 up to 2001, Porsche Boxster (engine codes 986/987) 1996 up to 2002.

  • Place of Origin: Ningbo China
  • Material: Carbon Steel / Other Material
  • Certification: CE / Reach / ISO
  • Package: BMC
  • Min. Order: 200pcs / Negotiable
  • Delivery Time: 15 to 45 days
  • Payment: T/T / Western Union
  • Shipping: By Vessel / Air / Express
  • HS Code: 8206000000

Contains the following items:

1 pc – TDC Alignment Pin (factory number 9595) – Locks crankshaft at TDC.

1 pc- Camshaft Lock (factory number 9612) – To establish the allocation between the intake and exhaust camshafts.

2 pcs – Camshaft Supports (factory number 9611) – for retaining the camshafts in position with the valve cover removed.

2 pcs – Camshaft Holding Tools (factory number 9624)

– Used to retain the camshafts before removing the valve cover and during reassembly.

1 pc- Connecting Rod Centering Mandrel (factory number 9608)

– Positions the small of the connecting rod in preparation for fitting the piston and wrist pin.

1 pc- Piston Pin Driver and Extensions (factory number 9602) – Used to insert the wrist pins.

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