VT01086 Diesel Injector Puller

INJECTOR REMOVAL TOOL: The Diesel Fuel Injector Slide Puller is designed for removing stuck common-rail diesel injectors quickly and safely without dismantling the cylinder head for injector nozzle cars; The injector remover kit contains a 1.3-pound (.6 kg) shop hammer weight and M8, M12, M14 adapters

  • Place of Origin: Ningbo China
  • Material: Carbon Steel / Other Material
  • Certification: CE / Reach / ISO
  • Package: BMC
  • Min. Order: 200pcs / Negotiable
  • Delivery Time: 15 to 45 days
  • Payment: T/T / Western Union
  • Shipping: By Vessel / Air / Express
  • HS Code: 8206000000

REPLACING OLD INJECTORS: Fuel injectors are important as they are what injects fuel directly into the cylinder, but because of their continuous use, they are prone to cracks, breaks, and minor physical wear; Symptoms of this issue can range from rough engine idle, slow acceleration, misfire, bad gas mileage, to gas leaks; This fuel injector tool helps to easily remove injectors for testing and cleaning as well as replacement

GREAT FOR BOSCH AND LUCAS INJECTORS: This kit includes a 7-inch (178 mm) bar and a 1.3 lb. (.6 kg) slap hammer weight along with M8, M12, M14 thread adapters; This injector puller tool assists in removing stubborn Bosch and Lucas diesel injectors; Adapters and slide hammer are stored in a convenient plastic box for storage and travel

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong, durable steel, this automotive hammer puller tool is sure to pull even the toughest fuel injectors from tight positions; This remover kit has a steel rod with two threaded ends; The durable metal helps to increase pulling strength and force while also providing longevity for the tool

EASY TO USE: To use, first attach the tool to the injector you wish to remove, then yank the weight towards the handle to give an extra snap of weight to the stuck part; The force transfers to the shaft, pulling the attached end and injector in the desired direction; Repeat action until the part is removed; Always work with a cold engine to avoid damage and remember to replace all injectors as a set to keep engine balanced

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