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Here in VIKTEC, you can find the broadest selection of suspension spring compressors. These are available in both standard and customized designs based on your requirements. VIKTEC can be your best suspension spring compressor supplier.

  • Over 20 years of suspension spring compressor manufacturing
  • OEM label, packaging, manuals, design, etc.
  • Professional sales team
  • Expert R&D team for design, development, and production

VIKTEC as Your Reliable Suspension Spring Compressor Manufacturer

VIKTEC has been trusted by thousands of international customers. We are well-equipped with modern technology and advanced production techniques. Thus, you can surely rely on VIKTEC for your suspension spring compressor needs. We can be your best partner for your business and projects. Message us for more information.

VIKTEC Suspension Spring Compressor

VIKTEC is a professional manufacturer of suspension spring compressors. We have the full capabilities to provide you the best suspension spring compressor for your application. At VIKTEC, we can manufacture more than 2000 suspension spring compressor types and designs.

Here in VIKTEC, we are committed to meeting your expectations and requirements. Thus, we make sure that all our products are inspected and tested before shipping. We also export suspension spring compressors to a hundred countries around the world.

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VIKTEC Suspension Spring Compressor

VIKTEC is a professional manufacturer of high-quality suspension spring compressors. Because of our commitment to quality and services, VIKTEC becomes the leading suspension spring compressor manufacturer in China.

VIKTEC has a complete production line and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Thus, you can assure that VIKTEC has full capability in producing the highest quality suspension spring compression for your projects and business.

VIKTEC can manufacture more than 2000 suspension spring compressors that will suit your application. All our suspension spring compressors are custom-made based on your specification. We make sure that your suspension spring compressors are manufactured with the highest standards.

Aside from that, VIKTEC manufactures suspension spring compressors that are widely used for automotive suspensions. We manufacture suspension spring compressors that are strong and high-strength. Thus, it can provide you stable performance even under significant tension.

Suspension spring compressors are typically used for removing tension from the strut. Thus, it can be assembled and disassembled easily and safely.

Handling springs can be a dangerous task. That is why the suspension spring compressor is very important. At VIKTEC, we offer durable and sturdy suspension spring compression. Thus, you can remove your spring without compromising your safety.

We designed suspension spring compression that locks into place. It is also equipped with built-in detent pins and a forged hook for high performance. Our suspension spring compressor also features safety latches, heat-treated forcing screws, and forged hooks.

Our engineers carefully designed a suspension spring compressor that has a robust construction and easy-to-use features. It is also designed with versatile multi-position hooks and mounting options. These are also easy to compress with their corkscrew design.

VIKTEC is also compatible with any struts assembly. It can be used with any size of hexagon socket wrench, square drive ratchet wrench, and maximum opening. Here in VIKTEC, we manufacture the best quality suspension spring compressor.

When manufacturing suspension spring compressors, we make sure that we follow the strict guidelines and regulations in the industry. All our suspension spring compressors are approved and certified by ISO, CE, RoHS, etc.

Here in VIKTEC, we have a professional sales team that will assist and guide you through our transaction. As the leading manufacturer, we are committed to providing affordable prices without compromising quality. We also offer fast lead time, excellent services, and on-time delivery.

Our wide range of suspension spring compressors includes a 5pc coil spring compressor for Mercedes Benz, a 270mm drop-forged coil spring compressor, a 370mm drop-forged coil spring compressor, and a heavy-duty MacPherson strut spring compressor, and more. Whether for your business or project, VIKTEC is your one-stop suspension spring compressor manufacturer!

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