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VIKTEC is providing injector tools with high performance and quality features. In our factory, you are welcome to purchase small orders with 50 pcs min. VIKTEC, as your reliable manufacturer has earned trust from customers for 21 years. We are sure to provide what your business is needed.

  • More than 2000 different types of injector tools
  • 100% brand new and OEM auto specialty tools
  • Highly functional and superior performance
  • Experienced R&D team to handle customization process

Why VIKTEC is a Professional Injector Tool Provider

As one of the leading injector tools manufacturers in China, Viktec provides the best quality injector tools. All of these injector tools can perform to the finest level for every application. All over the 20 years in this industry, Viktec has become popular due to competitive prices, great services, and on-time shipment. There are wide options for injector tools ready to export anytime. Contact now for more clarifications.

VIKTEC Injector Tool

VIKTEC is one of the well-known Chinese providers of injector tools. We can be your best partner in business anytime you require high-performance injector tools. Viktec has been a proven reliable manufacturer when it relating to auto specialty tools. Smooth transactions will be expected when you`re with Viktec!

Viktec has an expert R&D team and sales team to support your injector tool needs. Your injector tools will be customized when needed to fit your applications. Viktec guarantees you can get the quality you want for every product.

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Rocket Your Business With VIKTEC Injector Tool

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VIKTEC popular automotive specialty tools

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VIKTEC Injector Tool

Looking for the best deal on injector tools? Discover the wide range of injector tools on Viktec and find the one that fits your application. Viktec is your one-stop injector tool solution provider in China.

We offer various injector tools applied for injecting liquid fuel into the internal combustion engine. Another essential use of injector tools is to seize common and remove the stuck rail injectors. We made this device from an S45C steel material that guarantees long-lasting quality.

Viktec injector tool performs excellently in desired engine applications. Its sizes can be also customized accurately to your preferences. This covered wide applications, especially for automotive, bicycles, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

Consider purchasing injector tools from Viktec for your business needs.  Here, an extensive range of injector tools is in stock, ready to ship anytime. It is used universally, whether hydraulically or manually. This covered Siemens, Delphi, Bosch, Denso, and other vehicle brand applications.

Our injector tool is available in customized and standard configurations. For the customization processing, we strictly follow your detailed specifications. Both standard and customize options are offered at competitive prices.

This unique tool is not just cost-effective but is also very simple to use. Since we provide a user guide for every injector tool, operators will surely experience efficient working.

Viktec injector tools feature fire-retardant, very easy to use, high performance, and more. Our engineers designed injector tools to exceed the OEM standards. They are approved by several industry standards which include CE, RoHS, ISO, and more. We ensure every injector tools offer excellent value at a reasonable price.

You can discover the widest option of injector tools here. You can choose from a 3pc diesel injector puller for Mercedes, a 9pc injector extractor set for Mercedes, a 10pc diesel injector removal adapter set, a 14pc injector extractor slide hammer, BMW fuel injector removal, and installation tool, and more.

Viktec has been participated in this industry for over 20 years and is now become China`s leading independent manufacturer. We manufacture injector tools and other special spare parts with the highest quality.

Being engaged in this field for many years, we are able to bring the best quality products as one way to support your business. With Viktec, you can experience smooth transactions for your injector tool orders.

If you`re new to Viktec, don`t hesitate to ask for assistance!

We have customer-oriented staff to answer your inquiries instantly.

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