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Viktec is your one-stop solution for specialty tools including glow plug puller needs. Being a leader in this industry, we are capable of customizing your glow plug puller with your designs, logo, color, manual, video, and packaging. Cooperate with us today!

  • Over 21 years experience in manufacturing and exporting glow plug puller
  • ISO, REACH, CE, TUV approved specialty tools
  • Standard products in stock guarantee the on-time delivery
  • Low MOQ of glow plug puller from 50pcs to support your business.

VIKTEC Glow Plug Puller

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling innovative tools especially glow plug pullers, Viktec company has become a key partner in the industrial and automotive repair business globally. We have the capability to develop over 2000 various types of auto specialty tools for your choice. As of now, we are enjoying a good and strong relationship with suppliers and distributors worldwide and consistently developing improve products and services for customer satisfaction.

VIKTEC Glow Plug Puller

VIKTEC is specialized in designing, fabricating, and exporting various types of glow plug pullers. For more than 21 years, we are engaged in motorcycle, automotive, bicycle specialty tools manufacturing, and sourcing, trusted by many clients around the world.

You can ensure the reliability and functionality of our products because we are backed by a dedicated and qualified R&D team, skilled engineers, and technicians. Even for your OEM orders, we are willing to support you. We will customize your projects perfectly and efficiently.

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Rocket Your Business With VIKTEC Glow Plug Puller

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VIKTEC – Your Excellent Glow Plug Puller Manufacturer

Look for durable and high-quality glow plug pullers based on your required applications on VIKTEC. We are an ISO-certified manufacturing company that strives to produce top-quality glow plug puller that meets your highest level of quality.

Our VIKTEC glow plug puller is suitable when the glow plug compartment is not easily reachable. It is manufactured with a distinctive design of electrode puller to tear out the longest component of the electrode.

You can choose from our standard glow plug puller products including 3pc Glow Plug Puller and Reamer Set VT01563, 3pcs Glow Plug Reamer Set M10+2M12 VT13758, 28pc Glow Plug Thread Repair Tool Set For Volkswagen and Audi VAG Group VT14066, Drilling Adaptor VT13472, and more.

You can ensure that you receive the top-quality glow plug puller here in VIKTEC. We use high-quality stainless steel material to make a glow plug puller. Our materials are sourced from famous and reputable suppliers. As a result, our VIKTEC glow plug puller provides the best rigidity and durability. It has a high visibility grip textured to get a better grip on the tool when removing the harness.

Our series of VIKTEC glow plug pullers are highly customizable into many sizes, colors, logos, packaging that you want. For your custom glow plug pullers, we use state-of-the-art machines and mature technologies. It guarantees that you receive the highest quality design, color, and detail of your desired product while preserving its quality.

In China, VIKTEC is famous for manufacturing and supplying the most promising quality products and services. We achieved many international and local certifications like CE, Reach, TUV, ISO9001:2008, etc.

Besides, we employ a professional and skilled team of experts that ensure only the best quality glow plug pullers are available for your needs. In short, we are your reliable specialty tools manufacturer with rich experience in this industry.

Before delivered to you, all our finished products are performance tested and thoroughly inspected for defects and troubles. Inspection is carried out all through the production process.

Moreover, VIKTEC is manufacturing a lot of pieces of standards glow plug pullers in a day for quick shipping. That also assures you that we can supply even a bulk quantity of your orders.

In fact, we have excellent packaging and convenient transportation with 1 hour by truck shipped to Ningbo port. As your reputable manufacturer, you can expect that in the short time possible we can instantly process your orders. Wherever you are in the world, you don’t have to worry about importing safely your glow plug pullers.

Aside from high-class glow plug pullers, we also provide a wide range of specialty tools including injector puller kit, bushing puller tool, brake bleeder kit, ball joint service kit, etc.

If you`re searching for the top-rated glow plug puller, VIKTEC is your ultimate choice.

Communicate with us for more information about glow plug pullers! Depending on your unique needs and requirements, we provide a complete solution for all your glow plug pullers needs.

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